Max Muncher

Posted: 10/15/2006 in My Peanut, School

Alyson has the most amazing Kindergarden teacher as far as I am concerned! She has taught for many years. At least 20 that I know of. She has so many creative ideas for the children at school that help them to not only learn but remember what they learn. Alyson comes home everyday with a new craft story or project. She has been talking about Max Muncher for quite some time now and I finally got to meet him. He is a stuffed rabbit that the children take turns taking home for a day and then they write a story on the adventures that they had with him. Or should I clarify that , the parents get to write the story on the adventures that happened that day. =) Alyson made it very clear to me that I was going to be her secretary and that she was going to tell me what to write. Mrs. Knapp warns the children that sometimes he gets hungary in the middle of the night and he might sneek into the fridge and get something to each so she packs a big (plastic) carrot in his bag for him to eat. It is a really cute idea and he teaches the kids different things but I had a hard with it cause of course my brain goes instantly to the thought of how many kids have touched it and how filthy he is and that I wish I could wash him before Alyson sleeps with him but heaven forbid I would be responsible for the class rabbit falling apart in the washer. =( Not so good. I had to let go of it and not let Alyson know how grossed out I was about the whole thing as to create another OCD germ freak!! It is a fun memory and she had fun with it. School is great and we are having tons of fun with all the learning she is doing. It is amazing what sponges they are !

  1. It is a very cute idea! Funny though because my first thought was the same germ one you had!!! Some things we just have to let go of, huh?

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