Posted: 10/11/2006 in Uncategorized

Kids+Schools=Petri Dishes for germs. Ok so maybe everyone at my work is getting sick early this year but I never get sick in October. I have only been told umpteen times that that’s what happens when you have kids in school. Not sure if that makes me look forward to the next 13 yrs. =/ Kids are truly like Petri dishes. They go to school the germs jump on them and then they come home and love all over you and the germs then hatch on you! Not the nicest visual or thought but oh how true it is. I already got sick and so has Alyson. Within hours on Friday after coming home from work I was having body aches, sore throat and all that good stuff. I’m sure Alyson was ok with me being sick cause ALL rules go out the door when I am curled up in a ball. She cleaned out the junk from the cupboard, watched Veggie Tales over a million times and played on the computer for hrs. Hey at least the apartment is still standing. In the end that’s at that matters right? Well Hopefully this means I have built up my tolerance for the winter and I will have the passing Angel at my door when something else comes around. I guess I can always hope!
“Parents must have a knowledge of the standard works to teach them to their children. A child who has been taught from the scpritures has a priceless legacy.” Pres. James E. Faust

  1. yuck! i hate germs. I am going to scour my house before this baby gets here to sterilize it!!! sorry you guys were sick.Jamie

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