Family History!!! I Love it!!!

Posted: 09/27/2006 in Uncategorized

I have been addicted to my Family History and it all started with just looking up my Grandpas work and now I am back to 0326 or so on my Dads ; Moms side of the Family. They did a wonderful job of keeping up all their records. On the other hand my Grandpa Blascos side of the family is from Spain and so that is going to be MUCH harder! They keep one name and switch another. It’s part of the culture. Needless to say it really is like sitting down to a bag of chips. You can’t stop at one (name) I have allowed myself the weekends since I’m usually on the computer for about 5-6 hrs.!!! These pictures are from my moms side of the family. The Lindquist Mortuary and they are in Utah. Put in a word that you know our family and maybe you can get a discount. =) David O. McKay dedicated a building that they used for their second mortuary. The website I have been using is it is the easiest site in the world!! Very self explanitory. Happy Searching. =)

  1. How funny — Chris works for! So he gets all of the family history resources for free. You’d think that would be enough motivation, but I certainly don’t have your love for it…yet! I LOVE these pictures you posted — it really is fascinating!

  2. Katie says:

    I have been to those mortuaries! They are all over the state.

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