First School Project

Posted: 09/15/2006 in My Peanut, School

So this is the first of MANY projects to come! This is Alysons gingerbread girl. I stopped by Michaels on my way home from work yesterday and picked up some felt material, some hair, scissors, and glue. Thank goodness each sheet of felt was like 20cents a piece I was getting worried that this piece of paper was going to be worth $20 bucks , but it’s not . =) Alyson loves school so much and I that is the understatement of the year. She is up and out of bed by 7:00 a.m asking if school has started. I’m a little worried that soon it’s going to be 5 a.m cause this morning she was up at 6:45! It does make for a long morning when every 2minutes she is asking if school has started. But needless to say no complaints here. It is better then the alternative. Maybe one of these days I will get a picture of Alysons kindergarten class ; it is right up there with Disneyland!! I would go back to school if I could have Mrs. Knapp as my teacher. Alyson learned a song this week that taught her the sound of each letter in the Alphabet and she loves to sing it. Now that she knows that she is going to take off when it’s time to learn how to read. I am so amazed at teachers in general but even more in awe by kindergarten teachers. So much to teach and what an impressionable age.

  1. mequeen says:

    Very impressive gingerbread girl! Wow, I’d say that gets an A+ and so do you Carly for picking out such great project materials. With your artistic abilities I can’t wait to see the next project! The true test will be the 4th grade project of building a California Mission!Love, MOM

  2. So cute! Soon you’ll have boxes of stuff to save for her memorabilia!

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