Posted: 09/08/2006 in My Peanut, School

The day has arrived!! Now that it is here it seems like it went by way too fast. Along the way it didn’t like it so much. Alyson started Kindergarten!! I feel like I have aged 5 yrs this week and Alyson looks older too me all of a sudden. It is so weird how I didn’t think she was ready and over night they are. She is so passionate about school and can’t wait for Mondays cause that’s when she gets her homework!! Yicks. I guess this is my second chance to do school all over again since I had such ill feelings towards it while I was attending. It is a mind boggling thought to think that she will be reading so soon. I’m definitely excited for that!! I’m just excited to watch her learn and grow since she has been looking forward too this day for over a year now. She has such a desire to learn and it’s almost like she can’t get enough. An adventure it shall be. The road ahead lies unpaved, but soon it will be paved with many wonderful memories. What an impressionable age this is and it’s like the springboard into the rest of her life! Odd thought I know but I almost feel like a REAL mom now. =) To be continued……………

  1. Very exciting! Keep us posted on the journey 🙂

  2. That is a huge step, I’m sure. The best thing is when they are actually excited to go (and not scared to death) which Alyson looks like she is! Have fun!

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