Untainted Thoughts By Alyson

Posted: 08/28/2006 in My Peanut

I have come to the realization that someday or maybe not but most likely someday Alyson may not be as a matter of fact about her thoughts as she is. I love how kids just say it like it is. Very logical you could say. It has been a few months since this one particular incident. I asked Alyson as usual what she learned about in primary and she stated that she learned about sheeps and shepards. I then asked her who are shepard was and she answered , “Well Jesus is.” I then asked her if we were his sheep and she said, ” Silly mom sheep have fur , we have skin.” Well of course I thought. I always think how amazed I am at investigators cause of how much they have to learn and I was just always raised in the gospel so most of it “Just makes sense to me” but what I know realize is that Alyson is an investigator and she doesn’t know everything. It’s actually nice cause it causes me to stop and reflect on the things that she is asking and maybe some of the things that I just plain take for grantide for knowing.
Long story short Alyson started a newer preschool about 5wks ago and when I picked her up after her first day I asked her what she had learned and she quite frankly stated, ” well mom I didn’t learn anything cause it isn’t church.” I thought well that’s that.
Then about 2 months ago she was watching a movie and she was trying to pause it so she could get up and go to the bathroom. When she came back she said” you know mom I wish that we didn’t have to have remotes and that when you got up to do something the movie would just pause and when you came back to watch it , it would unpause.” I was quite impressed with such an idea. I thought you go ahead and figure out a way to do that which someday that will happen and we will be set for life. Now don’t you all go stealing alysons idea. =) Charish your children and the things they say for tomorrow they will be grownup.

  1. Katie says:

    Kids are so honest- sometimes its brutal but I really appreciate that about them.

  2. She is the ultimate bearer of “deep thoughts”! You could write a book called “Deep thoughts with Alyson Blasco” instead of “by Jack Handy”. ha ha ha

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