The Road Less Traveled

Posted: 08/27/2006 in Uncategorized

So I was never really considered a big fan of reading when I was younger or even in my early adult years. I have found my nitch to be with Gospel Topic books or most books that have to do with relationships or some phsycology. My latest reading has been a book from an auther M. Scott Peck and he is a phsycotherapist and to be totally honest I’m not too sure if he is alive be he could be. He wrote this book titled , The Road Less Traveled and it was written in the early 70’s. If anybody hasn’t read it or heard of it GO GET IT!!!!! It is an absolutely amazing book that talks about relationships, parenting, commitment, love, risk, etc. I have throughly enjoyed this book and the times that I pick it up I have a hard time putting it down. I’m a highlighting person so every page has some kind of comment or marking on it. It is hard with kids and all the other commiments we have to fit in ONE more thing. I know! Anyways if you find time in your schedules to pick up a book this is one that you won’t forget. It is an effective book in every aspect of life. You could read it 20times and get something new out of it each time. Happy reading. =)

  1. Julie says:

    I love to read, and always have!!! When I first moved to Utah I seriously read like two books a week. My Mom said it was because I felt the need to escape from my life. I think that is definitey true. It is such a great way to take a break from reality! I just love having these blogs it is a great way for us all to keep up to speed with eachs others lives. Good luck with Alyson starting school. I am all ready dreading that part of life!Love ya, Julie

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