How could you not love this face?

Posted: 08/21/2006 in My Peanut

ok , I really need to recommit myself to this and yes I know I have said that before and I wouldn’t be suprised If you have all written me off. We are so busy out here and the days are flying by. I feel like someone has pressed the fast foward button on my life and it is some kind of joke actually. Alyson starts school in 2 wks. and all of a sudden I feel 5 yrs older and I’m starting to realize the commitment I’m in for. Yicks. Thank goodness Alyson is so excited about this ; she is beside herself actually. Well I thought that this picture was too cute to not post. This is after our ward cornroast at the beach. She didn’t like the idea of me taking a picture of her when she was dirty but it sure did turn out way cute.

  1. mequeen says:

    Suprize! I can’t believe I still check your blog everyday just in case you post! I love to see pics and read just anything so keep it up. Love, Mom

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