From a Childs View

Posted: 06/26/2006 in My Peanut

It is always interesting to have a child around cause they can totally stop you in your tracks and I mean that literaly. As usual I asked Alyson what she learned about in primary and she said that she learned about shepards and sheep. I asked her who our shepard was and she said Jesus was. Then I asked her if we were Jesus’ sheep. She kind of laughed and said ” Funny Mom we don’t have fur we have skin.” I about died laughing. Then I got the urge to pick up my room and I putting my clothes back where they belong, in the closet instead on the foot of my bed where they find themselves 99% of the time. Anyways Alyson as usual was asking her 100 questions and the one that stopped me was ; ” What does Jesus do?” I said what? She asked again and I asked her what she meant. She said well, you go to work and you know what does he do all day. I was stopped in my tracks cause it’s something I have never really thought about in that context. Thank goodness for children and there mindset. It is so innocent and pure. I wish we could stay like that our whole lives. Unfortunately we don’t. Having a child gives a whole new meaning to the statement of “become as a little child.”


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