School Registration

Posted: 06/08/2006 in My Peanut, School

Ok so I finally broke down and took Alyson on Monday to her school and picked up her registration packet for school in the fall and it is like signing Escrow papers. Just an FYI for you future school moms. It is a lot of paper work. They asked questions like Does your child know their ABCs? I put yes. How do you punish your child?, How high can they count? I had Alyson count and she got up to over 100 by herself. I have to say I was impressed. Then they asked if they know their address. She gets most of it but hey she can count over 100! i think she is in good shape. =) Then we met the lady for the after school care program and she was “colored” and Alyson wasn’t too sure what to think since she isn’t exposed to too many but she was polite none the less. As we were wasking away she said ” I think I’m going to like the place better then Kathryns.” Thats her current babysitters . That was a good feeling since she has gone there for 3 yrs. None the less it is creeping up on us or me very quickly! less then 3 months away! ahhhhhh

  1. mequeen says:

    I am so glad you blogged again. I am anxious just reading about Alyson going to school. I know she is going to do soooo good! Love,Grandma

  2. Soooo scary for the mom, and probably so fun for the kid! I don’t really remember being sad when I went to Kindergarten past the first 5 minutes of leaving! A whole new world for both of you!

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