Total Slacker

Posted: 06/05/2006 in Uncategorized

I don’t know how I became the worlds biggest blog slacker. I am going to do better to at least jump on here and there. Too much has happened in the past month to really even catch up so I may just have to start over basiclly. I think the most exciting thing that has happened is that on Friday the 2nd I went to Cotsco to look for a Vaccuum and I think that is as rediculous or may be even more confusing as buying a car. Needless to say I purchased myself a Eureeka bagless that when I turned it one felt like the threads of my rug were going to completely unravel. It was pretty exciting and revolting at the same time to find out what was on my carpet. Ok so you are probably thinking that I need to get out more often if that is my excitement but on Saturday my friend Rita had her nanny, Maria, come clean my apartment and wash my bedding for my birthday. It was so nice to walk in and not have to do anything although the preparation leading up to her coming took more work then I thought it was going to. I would rather have someone come pickup then clean really but not complaints. I was able to take a week while Alyson was gone at Grandmas house to spice up my apartment so that I could tolerate it a little longer. I got a mirror at IKEA some accent pillows at KOHLS and rugs too. I went to Mervyns and redid my bathroom. I was over 2 yrs of Nemo. LOL and rearranged the furniture. It is amazing what a few things can do. I don’t know if that is a nutshell update but I will do better then I have been at putting up posts so you don’t write me off into the blog archives.

  1. Pictures of the new apartment changes!!!! I want to see!!

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