Not Easy to Deal with Change

Posted: 04/20/2006 in Uncategorized

First off excuse the grammatical errors. I don’t have an English major and for some reason my spellcheck isn’t working. =( Change is inevitable in life and it usually isn’t easy to deal with. Unfortunately if we knew what was coming up most of us would probably do everything in our power to divert the direction we were going to go in. I have worked at a salon in Corona del Mar called Images Salon for almost 3 yrs. I have been trained by different stylists as an asisstant to help me learn and grow and become the best stylist I can. Well there was one paticular stylist in general that I am thankful for. There are certain people that are placed in our lives for a particular reason. Most rotations are 6months at a time and then you move on to a different stylist but I had the opportunity to work with a lady named Rita for a full year. When offered another round I reluctantly accepted but there was a definite purpose to this. I developed a love and respect for her. I now consider her one of my good friends. She brought out things in me that she knew where there but that I didn’t know were there. Now I can blowdry anybodies hair and I mean anybodies. I have more confidence then I ever thought I could; maybe too much confidence. =) LOL I know how to multitask or juggle 5 clients at once. =) She introduced me into the world of fashion or the more femanine side of fashion and even encouraged or should I say threatened me to grow out my hair. LOL It’s getting there. Definitely not down to my shoulders yet. We’ll see. She was the last to train me before I transitioned onto the floor . I don’t want to make her head grow anymore =) but she is a wonderful person and she holds a special place in my life. I am extremely thankful to her and for everything she did for me. She is an extremely generous person and has a big heart. She is moving on and going to a different salon. I am excited for but I am also sad to see her go. I fly back to the nest so to speak when she is working and help her out still. She has a wonderful clientele so not only is she leaving but so are 150 plus other people are leaving. I love her clients and have gotten to know them very well. Like I said change is inevitable and it usually isn’t easy to deal with. I feel like a big part of me is leaving and it is hard to imagine her not there. The imbilical cord is really going to be cut now. =)

  1. Oh how I agree with this! I am usually the first person to just kick at new changes or try to run from them, but funny how someone much more wise than myself always seems to know the changes we need! There are just some people who come into our lives at the right time and for very important reasons, and I’m glad you had this person in yours! I haven’t talked to/seen you forever! I enjoy checking your site and seeing how you and Alyson are doing! Take care!

  2. Very insightful Carly. Change is so hard – especially when you have no choice in it! I’m so glad you’ve had Rita for the past year+!Jamie

  3. rita miles says:

    Wow, I do feel honored to be such a part of this blog site. Thank you so much for giving so much of your life,time,and energy and passion for hair to me and my career, I just know watching you grow into this amazing stylist has been a great adventure. Thank you for giving so much to me but most importantly being such a wonderful friend, not to many assistants make an impact in my life, you did. You will have much success. For all of you out there. Carly kicks butt in hair. She’s amazing and has so much talent. Not to mention she is a great mom.:)Love you friend.

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