Implants!!! :-)

Posted: 03/28/2006 in Uncategorized

Thought you would never hear me say I am getting implants would you! LOL I am just at the starting line of a 4yr race. I was born missing 6 adult teeth which means congenitally they were never there. I have had a retainer with teeth for 13 years now and I lost my last one in November of last year. I was over the idea of getting another retainer so I began my search. I have sat in quite a few different chairs of various doctors but never found the right one. At the salon that I work at there is a stylist with clients that work in every field from obgyn to doctors that do botox! I was referred to Dr. Schmidt in Fountain Valley who sent me on my way. I met Dr. Miller who is an Maxillofacial surgeon and Dr. Nisco who is an orthodontist. I have my own personal team of doctors that know exactly what they are doing. They have all worked together for many years and have great education. There is more to this process then I would have EVER thought but now I see why it isn’t over night. I think I will be a certified Dentist by the time this is all over with. So come on this Journey with me and watch my progress. Right now I have my bottom braces on with HOT pink bands on. (alyson picked out the color) LOL I am not sure what is next but I will soon find out. And we’re off!!

  1. Wow, beautiful! I’m excited for you! I’m sure you’ve dreamed of this for a long time :-)Jamie

  2. Katie says:

    Wow- you will be so happy when it is all said and done with. I’m glad its you and not me

  3. JOY says:

    The picture of your mouth looks like Alison’s!! I just thought I would let you know…:-)

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