Carlys Creations

Posted: 03/23/2006 in Crafts

For some time now I have been addicted to crocheting what I like to call “car covers”. The blankets are SO big. My mom taught me when I was 8yrs old and I never crocheted anything till I was 18. About 2 yrs ago my mom got a pattern off the website,, something to that affect. Anyways I tried it out and it makes the most amazing effect. It looks like you are a pro and it takes yarn, a crochet hook and PATIENCE!!! This is my latest project for a friend at work. It was her bday and this is what I made her. Try it out sometime. Watch out cause it’s like a Pringle once you pop you can’t stop. =)

  1. that is so awesome. great work!

  2. queen mom says:

    Mom and Carly aren’t croceting dummies anymore! We’ve both joined the “Million Stitch” club!!

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