My Client

Posted: 03/22/2006 in Hair, Work

As most of you have heard I am an official stylist at Images Salon. I am no longer an assistant, which I was for 4yrs!!! OH MY. Here is my faithful client Phyllis. She was a client of one of the stylists I assisted for and now she is mine. =) Needless to say she is 94 yrs. old!!!! I need a younger clientele or I am going to be building for a long time! LOL . She is my favorite . She says her secret is chocolate every day. At the rate that I’m going I should live to be over 100! So EAT UP!!!

  1. Good ol’ Phyllis. I remember meeting her. What a client!

  2. queen mom says:

    Whaaat! Either I look twice my age or Phyllis looks half her age!

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