Laundry Day

Posted: 03/21/2006 in Good Times, My Peanut

Well today was laudnry day!! Thank goodness for the laundrymat cause it only takes 3 hrs instead of a million. Anyways There is a T.V there and one of the court shows was on and the word ballistic was used and I was telling Alyson to hurry and she said ” Why cause you are going to get ballistic?” I ask her if she knew what it meant and she said really angry. Needless to say I was laughing pretty hard. Maybe she will be o.k in school after all.

  1. Eliza2006 says:

    You have a blog!!! The one good think about the laundry mat is you really can get everything done FAST!!! Cute pics!Tiffany

  2. queen mom says:

    I hear a song in my head “She the Laundry Queen” MaMa Mia! Looks like Carly Jr.!

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